Website Design
Website Design

This entire website was built from watching YouTube videos. I had never created a single web page before starting here.

You too can create your own website and with determination and ingenuity, and a few of the resources below. Once you’re all set up, you’ll soon be on your way to sharing your passions too!

Domain names for just 88 cents!

Obviously the first thing you need is a website domain. There’s lots of options to choose from, but the one I’ve used for 4 different addresses now is 

You can look up your idea and within about .3 of a second you’ll know if it’s available. Plus they give your lots of alternatives like .info or .tv or more to choose from if your first idea isn’t available. 

Best of all, I pay around $10 a year for a website domain. Are you serious? Yes, 10 bucks a year and you have an actual website name.

Ok, you now own a blank piece of internet. Time to setup shop, or camp, or blog, or whatever. You need a hosting service at this point. This is NOT optional. Someone has to house all your website data, articles, images, etc. And you are going to want a reliable place to do so. I’ve used InMotion Hosting for years because of the recommendations of several friends who also run large websites. If you sign up using the links here, you’ll get promo pricing offered only to 10 Minute Stock Traders!


Ok, you’ve got the name of your website, you’ve got someone to host it, now you need WordPress. From within the InMotion dashboard you’ll have the option to pick your content platform. GO WITH WORDPRESS.ORG. There’s some staggering statistic out there that about 70%+ of the internet is built on WordPress. Isn’t that enough to convince you that his is the right platform? Plus, it’s FREE!!! WordPress .COM however is not free. But everything on this website was made using and was 100% free.

Web Page Design

Don’t try to design your web pages and learn a ludicrous amount of complicated code. Just don’t. I tried to do that but one day I found the ELEMENTOR plugin for the WordPress site. 

Now all these pages look glorious because of its really simple to use interface. In fact, this page you’re looking at right now was built on an Elementor design, on a WordPress platform, on the InMotion servers using a Namecheap url. 

What more can I say? I am only promoting the things that I use and believe in and that’s why I think you should too!